#ANTICIPATING 7 DAYS TO GO : The Faith DJ Set To Release Her First Official Single.

Tell a friend to tell another friend that The Faith DJ ( @TheFaithDJ ) will be dropping a hit single “MATAMANDO” this month ( END OF THE MONTH XCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD ).

FAITH DJ_matamando  1676_10152389840256369_2741649632762075365_n

“God is so great, it’s no wonder we need all of eternity to worship Him…” She says. Fast forward 2014, she auditioned at the LFMA (Loveworld Festival of Music and Arts) with the song, featuring Poyez in the Zambia group auditions and Cindy in the Zonal auditions in South Africa. Award winning Martin Phike ( @martin_phike ), being both a trainer and a judge at the LFMA loved the song from when he first heard it, describing it as “a song from the spirit” and saying the song would make him learn the language: Chichewa (Spoken in both Malawi and Zambia). It did; and he featured on the song when it was finally time to record it in South Africa by Galid Music; worshiping the Master in Chichewa though being a South African. Soon after the recording, the song was titled “Matamando”. The song is her official debut mainly because she describes it as her “First Fruit”, being a worship song, giving God all the praise. The single is due to be released at the end of January 2015 and “I believe that it will help fellow believers worship God and unbelievers to know the One True Living God.”, says The Faith DJ.


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