FOCUSING ON FAITH DJ: Faith DJ (@The_Faith_DJ) is a versatile, multi-talented and passionate personality, Singer, Rapper, Model, Radio presenter & DJ, poet and lover of love by God Almighty.


Born Angella Faith Lapukeni, The Faith DJ is a versatile, multi-talented and passionate personality. She wrote her very first rap bars in 2010 in a song titled “Stick with it”. At that point she was already a choreographer, model, singer and a poet. She had won a dance competition in 2005 at Kamuzu Academy as a teenager, semi finalists in a national Sprite Dance Competition in 2006 and formed a Dance crew “The Apocalypse” at Chancellor College in 2007 which performed in various programs on campus. She has also won 2nd Princess Miss Chancellor College 2008 and represented Malawi and the Continental Miss University Africa in 2011 where she wrote, recorded and performed live the rap verse of the theme song. By 2008 she was the Music Coordinator for the Campus Fellowship and leading songs in her local assembly. Before being discovered she featured on a few other tracks with various Malawin artists including Madovat, Miz-J, Yung B and Pastor E, though still on a small scale. In September 2014 she qualified for Southern Africa Regional finals in the Loveworld Festival of Music and Arts (LFMA) for both rap and poetry. It was during LFMA auditions that award winning Martin Phike fell in love with her song “Matamando” and offered her to record in South Africa and ended up featuring this official debut. The Faith Dj does studio and live performances including The Essence music show (Malawi), various Christ Embassy Programs (Malawi and Zambia); Djs, hosts and co-hosts live and studio radio programs including Life Rap (Malawi) and The Urban Pulpit (Zambia), radio adverts , has extraordinary crowd appeal and a minister of God at the core. Cc @angiefaithl @chynonso_


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    1. ludo says:

      wow… what doesnt she do? hyoh. inspired


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