Terry G and AY.COM

Former friends reconcile after 5 years

The two close pals who scored the hit ‘Pass Me Your Love‘ five years ago, are back together again.


Pop acts Terry G and AY.COM, have reconciled after five years. The two singers fell apart in 2009 over the hit song ‘Pass Me Your Love‘.

The former pals were reconciled by popular show promoter Alex Ozone. According to him he tricked both parties into a meeting without them knowing the other one was going to show up.

I called both of them separately to have a meeting with them without letting the other person know, so they both came at about the same time and surprisingly met themselves at the studio. Before now we’ve tried settling the issue but it’s never been successful, but I guess they are both matured now because they both have families and so they shook hands and that was it” he said.

After their reconciliatory meeting, Terry G and AY.COM recorded a song together. “To make sure everything was truly over, we made them record a song together because Young D had initially produced a beat for Terry G and trust me, the song is fantastic” said Alex Ozone.

In 2009, with the growing popularity of ‘Pass Me Your Love’ by AY.COM featuring Terry G (who also produced the track), fell out. According to AY.COM, Terry G was performing his song at shows without permission.

The collaboration between the two will be released before the year runs out.


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