Style Pick: Braids’n Weaves Scalp Soother (by Dark and Lovely)

This amazing hair product is a style pick, one should definitely cop, check on it

My Dark and Lovely Braids'n Weaves Scalp Soother

Sometimes I buy just out of curiosity (or just being a plain shopaholic) a lot of ladies can attest to this; shopping is all sorts of therapeutic.

So back to style pick;¬† I found myself at the Dark and Lovely stand just as I made my way away from the Eve &Tribe (oh I love this brand) display on one of the days of this year’s GTBank Lagos Fashion & Design Week and asides from feeling like a kid in ‘iamcookiejar bakery‘ the Dark and Lovely stand was too inviting as it was packed full with hair care products.

Now they specially catered to my situation at the time; braids and since somehow my scalp was intensely itchy at the time, I scooped up every single product I saw that had scalp, dandruff… in short every thing that had ‘hair’ on it (I think i ended up with a shopping bag containing 10 different products)

Of course I started (I have only used one out of it) with the Braids’n Weaves Scalp Soother- it came with an ‘addendum’; anti-itch- I instantly knew I had to try this out.

This product by Dark and Lovely is presented in the predominant purple and white as with the brand but this comes in a slim bottle with  a pointed tip hat doubles as the applicator, this is where you slightly cut off for the product to flow out from, now this makes more sense because this allows you to apply directly and precisely to otherwise difficult areas to reach, say for instance interwoven braids or under weaves, it will penetrate.

The first thing you notice after applying this product is the instant cooling effect that it spreads all over your scalp (this is not me being dramatic) It instantly soothes the scalp like ice!

After just a few weeks of using this amazing product, I realize I have had no itch at all, absolutely no dry scalp or dryness and my braids are as good as new, i barely touch my head now except if I have to style it, and coming from me, thats huge.

So if you come by this product and thinking to cop or not to cop, you have my absolute word to do so. It’s tried and tested excellent, trust me


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