Do you remember Justin Timberlake’s ‘Jerry Curls’?

Back in the ’90s, Justin Timberlake‘s hair was the everything, fast forward to 2014 we think its so uncool… check on it to joggle your memory.

How did we ever thought Justn Timberlake's hair was 'IT'???

Back in the 90’s Justin Timbelake used to be the poster boy for boy bands, back then then with group; NSYNC he was (maybe appeared) the coolest at the time.

Justin Timberlake had cute boyish looks complete with his signature curly head of hair which seemed cool at the time! Checking through his gallery recently we could help but wonder how we thought he was so cool at the time (so cool he dated Britney Spears)

The curls were huge trends in the ’90s we wonder if it would ever make a comeback we only certainly hope to never see Justin sporting this anymore, (never) unless he’s wearing it for a movie role!

Justin Timberlake rocked curls in the 90s


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