Ugandan Maid Who Physically Assaulted 18 Months Old Child Pleads Guilty to Baby Torture; Faces 15 Years in Jail!


Okay, so this is the latest on Jolly Tumuhiirwe, the 22-year-old Ugandan maid who was caught red handed on camera physically assaulting 18-month old baby, Arnella Kamanzi. The maid has pleaded guilty to the torture of the baby.

Its being reported that she is facing up to 15 years jail time for this terrible crime.

15 years?! Oh well.. i guess she deserves it… Don’t you think so too?

State prosecutor, Joyce Tushabe stated that she showed some kinda remorse during the court proceeding on Monday.

Pictures of The Ugandan Maid

“She said she was sorry for the act…she asked for forgiveness from the parents of the child, the nation, and those she said were affected by her acts,” he said.

Tumuhiirwe has been remanded in custody, and is going to be sentenced this Wednesday.


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